The Dedication

by Daphne

Hello to all!!!

My name is Daphne Buie, visionary, creator, and owner of TheDaphLife and Luxurious Madam. I would like to start this wonderful, life long journey toward inspired creativity and family excellence with you all today, by dedicating this brand, this idea, my creativity, and this lifestyle, in honor and memory of the, the original, “Luxurious Madam”, Daphne Pheal, my mother. Through love, optimism, determination, and dedication, she instilled in us that the real “Luxury” is FAMILY. It is with this understanding that I confidently present to the world “THEDAPHLIFE” and “LUXURIOUS MADAM”.

What many of you may not know is that, 11 years ago, just when I was a few months away from graduating high school, my mother died of a brain aneurysm. Since that time, I have cherished the memories we shared, and the broad, optimistic, perspective of life she embraced us with. My mother was strong and nurturing. She taught us that family and life was a treasure of gold to have, and should never be undervalued. That’s why our home was more than walls, bricks, roof, and a street address. It was a foundation of love, morals, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. Anyone who knew my mother always wanted to be around her, and those who heard about my mother always wanted to meet her.

My mother was my greatest teacher! My mother taught me about selflessness. In fact, my mother showed me selflessness. For years my mother battled through severe migraines. Rather than letting us know, because we were too young to really understand exactly what she was going through, she shielded us from what was truly going on to protect our outlook on life. My mother never let any of her health ailments detour us from spending quality family time together. Even in pain, my mother showed me the significance of humor. She taught me self-awareness, to embrace my identity and individuality, while at the same time respecting the quality of other individuals and their character.

Of all the things my mother taught me, what really stands out in my world, and is evident today is, “Entrepreneurship” along with creativity… this too has roots with my mother. For as long as I could remember my mother made her own clothes. She loved creating ceramics, which is a passion she shared with my grandmother. I also remember my mother working for herself as an Avon and Mary Kay representative for many years. My siblings and I spent many days going door-to-door passing out flyers throughout many neighborhoods with my mother. Each door we knocked, on my mother would politely and enthusiastically present her pitch, product, or answer any question the potential customer may ask, and we would go to the next home. Whether or not the potential customer was receptive or rude, my mother would always smile, treat them with kindness, and remain professional. She was successful at both companies for years until she finally decided, to pursue other ventures. My mother taught me so much!

As you can see THEDAPHLIFE and LUXURIOUS MADAM is definitely inspired and shaped in so many ways by my mother. Although she is not physically here with me, the sacrifices she made and the wisdom she passed on to my siblings and I, remains within us, and helped propel us to be where we are today. From her example, I love to design and create many handmade items such as knitted items, accessories, art, Planners, and a host of other creative items! I will even take custom orders, and create exclusive one of a kind items just for you. Instead of knocking on your door, I will invite you into my life, my home, my family, my joy and adventures, my thoughts, inspirations, and we will be inspired together!!

I am thankful for the growth that I have achieved these 11 years after her departure. I appreciate and enjoy life every single day, being the woman no one else knew I could be, but my mom. Thank you all for going on this journey with me! I dedicate this with love to my mother, Daphne Pheal, the first and the original Luxurious Madam


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