Fun DIY for Kids During School Breaks

by Daphne

    DIY Wood Canvas Artwork

Spring is just around the corner, what fun way to keep your children active and enjoy their spring break by having them bring out their creativity and keep them business. As a mother of 3 and entrepreneur, having a balance in my life is a must for me and my children. Every child has his/her own identity and this DIY is an extraordinary way to bring out the creativity in them. It will also unite your family closer and create memories that will last for a lifetime.


**ALL Materials came from Wal-Mart and from my home**

  • Wood Pallet $5-$9 
  • Sponge Wood Brush $0.99-$2
  • Paint (Apple Barrel Outdoor Gloss Indoor) $0.50 ea (color of choice is up to you and your child)
  • Stencils for designs $2-$4 at Wal-Mart (I used stencils I had already at home)
  • Duck Masking Tape $2-$3
  • Disposable Towel
  • Container for water to clean brushes
  1. Find a space inside your home or outside where your children can be creativity.
  2. Make sure the space is clear and clean, I prefer to place cardstock or throw away sheets or towels to cover the surface. **If your children are like mines, a mess will be made :)**
  3. Place selective colors of paint in a row *You will need your container filled with water and towel*
  4. Take your stencil design and tape it to your wood pallet, and START PAINTING!!

Example on Taping Stencil design to Wood Pallet

It is your decision if you would like for the wood painting to dry before hanging; I simple hung the canvas up directly after! It doesn’t take a long time for the paint to dry
You will be proud of your children and they will be extremely glad to see their customized wooden canvas hanging up around the home for showcase. 
I hope this fun DIY is helpful and please share your own DIY Photos. Don’t forget to give a shoot out to TheDaphLife, if you are every sharing our photos or trying out our DIYs!!
Here are images of finished wooden canvas and my children working together. 

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