Inspiration of Craftsmanship.

by Daphne

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m sharing work of my own craftsmanship. I make several types of inspired embroidery stitches. My themes are freestyle images, I don’t have any one sort of theme. I simple feel what I’m thinking and let my hands do the communicating. Like this picture below, at the time. I was remembering myself pregnant on the beach. Laying next to a tree, just watching the ocean and letting the wind blow around me.

Handcrafting is more than just a skill, it’s the capacity to connect with the brain to make a piece that express the crafter’s uniqueness. As handcrafters, we are distinct in our own way, however we utilized comparative procedures; for example, watching everything for thoughts, searching out new encounters for ideas, utilizing our own life, and the list goes on. To create a wonderful piece to share to the world. Ever since I can remember, I have always had an eye for handcrafting and independence. Growing up as a child, I was around a lot of amazing women  who turn out to play an enormous role in my life and still play to this day. Each one possessed a unique style in their craft that inspired me to create my own. Watching them share their skills with me as a young child to lady has shown me how to love and appreciate another person’s craft, due to the enthusiasm they put into their work.

My work in embroidery is straightforward with lovely detail and blend of other skills I have added to my craft: knitting, sewing, pottery, designing planners and earrings, and so much more. As a result of the aptitude I have, it has shown me to love and grasp my craft anymore.

Embroidery Stitch
Crocket Coffee Coasters
Blue flower Crochet Planner
Braided Faux Leather Leaf Earrings
Crochet Rose Purple Bracelet
Love Bobble Crochet Planner

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