The Fun Adventures of Being a Mother…!

by Daphne

One of the most best energizing and gainful aspects to being a mother is having the capacity to share the things you cherish and appreciate doing with your kids. For a few, it can also be one of the most disappointing aspects too…especially when your child(ren) do not enjoy something as much as you do or if they tend to embarrass you in public!

Gratefully, I have not had that experience with my kids not enjoying things I like to do (Well, they might not enjoy a few things I!!) But generally speaking, they love most of things I find intriguing and entertaining. I also find it intriguing, when your children think they can out do you at things, you’ve been doing your entire life. For example, my oldest son thinks he can beat me in every single video game that comes out; even though, I’ve been playing video games my whole life until I started having more responsibility, such as raising them..LOL!!

Today, I was going through my bin of leftover yarn. I seen, I had a considerable measure of yarn leftover and chose to make coasters out of them. My youngest son Josiah, who is 8 yrs old, comes into my work area and he was just looking at what I was doing. If you y’all are anything like me, you know when your kids are either up to something or want something LOL! I know my children like the back of my hand. He was very curious and was standing there patiently looking. So, I waited patiently for him to ask me the question he wanted to ask.

I was always taught, “If you don’t ask, you will never know”. 

A few minutes later pops the big question, the question every child asks his/her mom, even though they already have a clue, “Momma! What you are doing?” I explained how I was going to crochet coasters out of the leftover yarn and he stated, “I’m not good at crocheting yet momma, but I bet I can do it and better!”

I’m thinking to myself, “Hmmm!”

So, we decided to work on a few coasters together. 

Crochet Coffee Coasters

We eventually got done with the first batch of coasters and he decided that it was to much and he wanted to go back in his room to play Minecraft on the game system with his brother. To be honest, I didn’t mind thinking to myself, “Good, I can get this last batch of coasters finished. So, I can take a break myself.”

Being that I know my kids, especially how they are like the definition of peripatetic. They just can’t sit still to save their soul, ALWAYS ON THE GO! Especially, my little blossom Shiloh. She started walking at 6 months, began running at 9 months and can’t keep out of stuff at 1 yrs old. Like I said “ALWAYS ON THE GO”..LOL! You would think just by looking at her that she has been living in this world longer than one year old. 

So, when it comes to working with me on my projects. I generally will let them come sit in with me or even help, but I still stay focus to the task at hand because I know in the middle of my work. They will eventually want to either say “Hold up, momma I’ll back!” or they will jump up and leave the room and decide to venture off to do something else.

Even though, I know my kids! Regardless I cherish every single moment that we spend together if I am crafting, adventuring the world, reading a book with them, drawing, watching a movie, or laughing about silly things. I always love and cherish our family time, it brings us closer as a family.

At Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH
Cooking at 2017 International Food Festival
At WWE “Clash of the Champion”
At the Library getting books for the book club
At Royal Pin Woodland
Boys working on wooden canvas
Getting ready to head to Cedar Point
Shiloh first trip to an amusement park, but staring at a guy in his car lol.

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