Crocheting with Multicolor Yarns

by Daphne


If you enjoy working with multicolor yarns like I do, here’s an example of the how this color Cool Stripe by Red Heart looks when crocheting and a closer look at the color changes from the outside, including the inside of the yarn skein. 

It helps to give you an idea on the number of stitches are created in both single and double crochet before the yarn changes to the next color shade.

Creating Bobble Stitches

As you can see, I was creating bobble stitches which are made of double crochet. Double crochet, you typically will use more yarn than single crochet, but as you can see it bring the colors closer together in each row. I used a solid navy color for the base to bring out the Cool Stripe yarn. I must admit, when I first started working on this yarn skein. I was not sure how the outcome of my project would be, but as I kept working and designing the color combination turned out so beautiful. Here is the finished look of the bobble stitch hat with a pom pom at the top to complete it.

I can really say, I would definitely use more multicolor yarns by Red Heart. I love the color pattern and how I combine the two colors together, but what made my decision on using this brand again is that I still had extra yarn to make gloves or a small item if I wanted too.


I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my photos of my work and reading my review on multicolor yarns by Red Heart.

**This hat is not sold on my shop, it was a sample piece for this post, which I turned into a giveaway item.** 

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