Inspired Designs: Getting Ready for Winter!

by Daphne

Good Evening Everyone,

Today, before getting started with my next items. I wanted to show some of my few designs that I’ve been working on this past week. I must say that these items will not be added to my lovely collection of winter accessories on my shop But I will be added wonderful pieces very soon!

I must say, I’ve been away from creating items due to personal matters. So, it felt good to be back at home getting inspired to make these these lovely scarfs. Even though being at home, I still had personal obligations with my family. But, nothing got in the way of me working with my hooks and yarns to create these beautiful pieces and what inspired the designs! Let’s look at these lovely designs, shall we!

Wrap n’ Go Cowl Scarf Neckwarmer

This Wrap n’ Go Cowl Scarf was inspired by how I live. I’m constantly on the go, when I am at home I barely have time to sit down. When I am out running errands, I have come to notice I love wearing one of my long crochet cardigan sweaters. Not worrying about how cold or fast the wind is blowing. I just wrap myself in one of my sweaters and take off! This scarf does just that to my neck “Wrap n’ Go”; it’s a beautiful and very elegant piece. Hand crochet out of soft chunky yarn using two different colors skeins as well as embellished with two silver pendants. You can wear it with a casual or formal outfit and get the same compliments on this piece.

Cotton Candy Spiral Hat Set

I have to say; this piece is artwork! Inspired by the sea shell stitch that I’ve been learning to master for a 2 day period. The colors I selected for this piece was one of the reason I give it the name “Cotton Candy Spiral”. I spotted this color skein yarn at Michael’s and fall in love the moment, I say it! But, I wanted to make the bright colors stand out more and decided to add the navy color skein. You’re talking about someone very pleased with their work!!! I was so amazed with myself; I immediately shared the hat design first without even showing the whole scarf. Many people show the hat and fall in love with it, but when I post the whole set. The positive feedback and comments I had received made me cheese like I was a little kid again, receiving my first honor roll award! I wore this piece after finishing it, because I had some errands to run and it was cold outside. It kept me warm and cozy for the few hours of being away from home. But, if I make another I’ll be adding a few more rows for extra length to make a infinity scarf. Otherwise, it turned out so beautiful and amazing then I could’ve imagined.

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