The Adventures of “Pokemon Go” with My Kids!!

by Daphne

I didn’t know playing “Pokemon Go” with my children could be so fund and beneficial!

For some who don’t know about Pokemon Go, it is a free game that has been out for over 1 year now. It can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android device. Once you open the app, you must create an account and then you will see your avatar standing in the middle of a map of wherever you are, at the time. The app track your location via GPS as you and your children walk around searching for Pokemon and going to Pokestops.

My kids for weeks have been talking about “Pokemon Go” and trading cards with their friends at school. Just last week, we decided to play a challenge game together, which was listening to cartoon TV shows theme songs (old and new shows) and guessing the name of the show. Of course, I won; however, my youngest son ALMOST had me…LOL. After that game, the boys wanted to play Pokemon Go. To be honest, at first, I was a little cautious of playing, since I didn’t exactly know the game and the walking distance of this game. LOL, but I decided “What the heck!” it would not hurt any to try it for the first time and I must say, I had a blast with them.

The beginning of our Pokemon Go adventure.
The boys looking for Pokemons.
Josiah showing me how much a Pokemon is worth after catching one.

We decided to give it a try when it was nice and a little warm out, while it was still light outside. The app was COOL!!, the boys had my cell phone guiding us the whole way. I think I made a mistake by letting them do it, because their directions were off. But, if you let them tell the story, they would swear I made us go the long way, even though they had the cell phone LOL!! They were so worried about catching an egg that we ended up 1 mile south away from where the egg was located on the map. We had to turn around go back north on the Moron Trails. When we finally got to the location my oldest son started laughing saying “We must wait 25 minutes, to catch it.” I was like “Yea no, let’s keep walking we can always come back around!”

The boys guiding us to the egg.
Made the Wrong Turn…lol!
The location of the egg.

We continue walking and looking up Pokestops for Pokemon and eggs! I have to say, it was super fun walking and exploring the area with them to catch Pokemons.We were only supposed to be out walking for about 30 minutes to hours, but we were out for 2 1/2 hours walking around finding Pokemons and seeing interesting things that we typically do not notice on a day to day basis. The walk was something we all needed, I still was cautious because you can easily get distracted from the game and not watch your surrounding or intersections where cars are going back and forth. It was so many people walking, riding their bikes, or walking their dogs! I remember taking this picture of the boys and didn’t notice there were four pitbulls and owner behind me. I, typically do not get scared that easily, but LOL…my butt almost jumped on the stone with the boys when I felt those dogs by my legs. The owner did apologize and kept walking, but the funny part was the dogs. They looked at me if they wanted to say, “Are you crazy, nobody worried about you?” and kept walking with their owner lol. I can still see their faces…LOL!

Josiah a little disappointed, because the Murkrow kept getting away from him. Behind him was a painting of wings, words next to it was “Respect and Harmony”!
Beautiful art design on one of the walls with the word “Harmony”
Jo’Quan being goofy!
Where the pitbulls were!

I think the fun part of it all was bonding. We were talking and locating Pokestops, when we finally find the locations we took pictures and the boys were getting excited. We caught about 70 Pokemons and 1 egg during our 2 1/2 hour adventure. We would have stayed out a little longer, but it was getting dark and we could barely see what was coming near us. So, it was safe to call it a night!

Pidgey was out this Pokestop.
Furret was find at this Pokestop.
I even find one…Pidgeotto!!

Check out the pictures below!!

I rested while they caught 5 pokemon, my oldest son wanted to take a picture of me.
Another Pokestop
They were so excited they caught 10 right at the same Pokestop..LOL!!
Jo’Quan jumping on this big rock we saw.
A log where a few skaters were skating on and they were nice to let us take a quick picture.
Boys were getting excited about the Pokemon that was caught.
Josiah notice this huge angel handmade, faraway. It looked small but up close it was HUGE!!
Josiah trying to catch a few more while headed home.



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