The Pleasure of Doing Things Along

by Daphne


I have always love being a solo-adventurer!

I’m the woman you see alone at shopping stores. The one who takes off and goes on solo trips by herself or jumping off cliffs, without feeling like I should bring someone every time with me. Even though, I have a ton of wonderful and adventurous people in my life, I have always loved rocking out solo!

Does that mean something is wrong with me? Of course, something must be wrong with a woman who does mostly everything by herself, right? To be quite honest with you, to me I have much fun doing things alone. Then always hanging out with someone. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends and family members. We always have a blast when we’re together. But as you get older, sometimes you realize your interest are totally different from others, which is TOTALLY FINE! Some people who are like me just love to adventure alone. While others may feel the need to always having someone around. 



Like I said, everyone has different interest! There are days where you would love to have girl time. So, you try to plan a day just hanging out. One person wants to go shopping with no money. Another person does not care, but complains when the decision is made where we’re going. Then, there is me! Who wants to go see the inside of a cave, which of course everyone automatically says No too. At the end, the day is halfway gone to where everyone decides to postpone girl time. Now, if I was alone I would’ve gone to the cave, went shopping afterwards, and got something to eat one the way back home.

When you’re with someone else, you are often beholden to their speed. For example, let’s say I decided to go shopping one weekend to purchase supplies I need to craft with. My friend or relative asks can they tag alone. Before they asked, you already had a plan to visit at least 3 stores; so  you can get back before the day is almost over to start working on a project. You walk in the door! You’re eager to get in and out, even let your friend or relative know you don’t plan on being in here long. However, they have a whole neither agenda. Pushing the cart all slow, looking at everything in every aisle…lol. LIKE, WTF…COME ON!!

Before you know it, you’ve been at one store for over 2 hours, next store for 1 hour and didn’t get a chance to go to the other store because your tag alone buddy-GOT TIRED! The polite thing to do is be understanding and patient! You know…let them shop or take them home. But the kicker, HERE IT COMES….your tag along buddy spent all that time at both stores and didn’t buy a damn thing. LIKE REALLY…WHO DOES THAT?!

Now if I was riding solo…lol! I could taken my tail to every single store look at a few things, got what I needed and out in 30 minutes to 1 hour max at each store. Still giving myself enough time to get back home to start on my projects.

Now, I am at home thinking to myself, “Why didn’t I just roll by myself today!”

We all have our moments were we love spending time and chillin’ with our love ones, but do we always need too? People may call me lonely, but deep down they really don’t understand me. I don’t be caring about being around a bunch of people, every single day. I was brought up in two big families, one side seeing them mostly all the time and other on special occasions. Trust me when I say, I haven’t missed out on anything as far as having people around…THEIR STILL THERE!!

As I have gotten older, my interest in many things have changed from others. If I am the lonely one out the bunch, so be it! I bet you, I’ll have more fun flying solo!!



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