My Apartment Balcony Makeover

by Daphne

It has been long overdue! Today, I’m finally revealing my apartment balcony makeover. Since the start of the stay-at-home-order that was issued back in March, the kids and I were spending so much time at home these days. In order for us to get out and breathe in some fresh air without going crazy inside our home; we had to utilize our balcony more, which meant needing chairs to sit. So I decided to update the space into something that was both functional, relaxing, and private. I promised to share what I did and where I purchase some of the items from.

Better late than never, right!

So, what started with an empty wood floor and a few bikes. Has turned into a beautiful private outdoor spa feeling balcony, where we my kids can play with their toys together. I can close the door and sip on a little wine in private without having my kids or neighbors bother me every second I am there. 

Before the makeover took place, the kids and I rarely spent time out here! The balcony just felt dead and boring. It didn’t give us a reason to even enjoy it.

That all changed when the order was issued to stay at home and I had to spend 2 weeks with my kids, asking questions on why we can’t go outside or be near people. Trust me…you would’ve done a makeover too!!

So, my cousin Theresa and I did a little home shopping & $300 later I had my new and cozy balcony. 

Since this is a rental apartment and I didn’t want to go crazy with the makeover like I am known to do. I decided I wanted the balcony to flow with my living room look, but changed the color; instead of a mixture of teal and brown. I decided I wanted navy, white, and brown. My cousin started laughing at me and said “Sis, you and your brown will not worry me!”

I can’t help myself…I love brown!

I knew wanted my balcony to have some privacy. My neighbors were just to nosy for me! So, I did a little research and asked my big brother about inexpensive privacy screens. The local hardware store had some, but the price was a little ridiculous for me. So, we find the ones I purchased on Amazon. 

Before you purchase your privacy screen. First be sure to measure the size of your balcony or area, you will be using it. I am glad, I purchase two of the “ColourTree 3′ x 10′ Brown Fence Privancy Screen Windscreen Cover” at Amazon. Alot of the prices were between $50 to $200 and you know, I wasn’t doing that. This only cost me about $54 include zip ties I purchased at Amazon too.

You want to take the screen and go in between the railings, then take some long zip ties and attach to the railing.  If you are using to screens like me, make sure that the screens are met in the middle evenly.

The privacy screen fence turned out better than I thought. Even my neighbors said it was nice before they started giving me the stank eye…LOL!!

Once I was done I sweep the floor again and placed my rug that I purchased from Aldi’s for $15

So funny, Michael’s had this same exact rug for about $30. I was super happy, when my cousin so it at Aldi’s.


I wanted a canopy like feeling and something I can try to keep the bugs away. So, I had a colleague of mine help me to build some plant posts and a bench that would be sturdy to hold a few people on. The materials I used were all from HomeDepot, Walmart, Michael’s, and Dollar Tree.  I made own words for my plant posts using my Cricut.

I think overall this DIY turned about more beautiful than I could’ve imagine!

Please check out my post: “How to Build Your Own Wooden Bench?”, coming soon.

But for now here are some highlights of My Outdoor Spa…LOL!


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